Rachel Raj cake designer fulfill your dreams of the perfect wedding cake 

Your choice in wedding cake design makes a statement about your personality and sense of style. It should reflect you and your good taste. You may choose a sophisticated elegant look. Or show your playfulness and sense of humor. It should also fit well with the wedding dress, the wedding bouquet, the location, the decoration and ambience, which you have created for your reception. Our reputation, experience, and techniques enable us to create the perfect cake for you. We specialize in using real marzipan, light creams and natural ingredients which gives you the smooth but ‘real’ cake finish and taste to the wedding cake. Choose from simple designs, to elaborate multi-tiered masterpieces. We deliver wedding cakes for free in Budapest. For longer distance delivery please contact us.

Make an appointment with Rachel Raj cake designer for your wedding cake. Call us on +36 20 492 7062!