Ráchel Raj’s Book: életem a konyhában! is finally published


Ráchel Raj invites her family and dear friends to the Friday table with a good heart and delicious food. From this intimate event unfolds a collection of recipes that preserves Jewish tradition but is at the same time innovative, in which Ráchel gives a glimpse into her world, her family’s everyday life and her holidays. We learn how Ráchel’s mother  taught her the basics of the art of cooking and that she passes on the joy of cooking in a modern form but with the same care and playfulness.

The thoughts that accompany the recipes nicely outline her relationship with family members, friends, and girlfriends, which is best characterized by intimacy and cheerfulness. Raj Ráchel compiled her cookbook of 70 recipes, illustrated with eye-catching photos, with her best knowledge, experience and, above all, with  love.


Price: 5990 Ft Online price during pre-order: 4790 Ft ISBN 978-615-5417-64-1 Binding: hardboard, threaded Scope: 184 pages