Taste the probably most delicious Flódni in Hungary!

Hungary’s most famous Hungarian-Jewish cake, Rachel Raj’s Flódni is prepared according to old family recipes and family traditions. We use only Hungarian natural ingredients to make our flódni: with layers of poppy seeds, apples, nuts and plum jam.

In 2018, Raj Ráchel’s Flódni was selected as one of the ’100 MOST JEWISH FOODS’ in New York (Tablet Magazine).

A slice of Flódni or Flódni CAKE?

On request, we cut not only slices, but also square cake shapes or rounds. Make your event special by offering Rachel Raj’s Flódni to your guests. You can taste Raj Ráchel’s Flódni daily in one of our Cafes too!





Flódni Cake boxes

Our novelty is Rachel Raj’s Flódni Cake Box, without added preservatives and made of natural ingredients, which you can send as a nice surprise to your loved ones and business partners all over the world.

We hold the Biggest Flódni’s World Record!

We prepared the biggest Flódni in the world at the 20th Sziget Festival Budapest on August 8, 2012. The record attempt was authenticated by presenter Attila Till and world-famous cameraman Lajos Koltai.

The 1600 pieces of Flódni (each on is 6 cm high), if stacked, would form a tower that would be 96 meters high, just like the Hungarian Parliament. The new world record was also welcomed on the spot by Károly Gerendai, the director of the Sziget Festival.