Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

1, registering on our site based on your  own person. By registering you agree to use the data for their own purposes Makkabi Ltd., owner and operator of the website, while respecting and protecting your personal information. The information is to possessed  in accordance with the legislation in force of the Hungarian Data Protection Act and other third parties will be kept confidential and will not be publicly known, and they are only used by  Makkabi Ltd in relation to the business activities, the scope and duration.

2, Collected and recorded in conjunction with the second running of the website Personal information by the manager of Makkabi Ltd. In the data management processor is collected and only by the data controller will be  used. Data management administered Register of the Data Protection is the Commissioner Office Data Protection Register. No: 03154-0001.

3, Data processing by the relevant Data Manager, the data controller was informed in a letter by informing that you have at any time the right and opportunity to withdraw your data. Withdraw some of your data, and to limit the data management or to the processing of personal data, the Data Protection Act. In some cases you may Protest.

The manager of data may be informed by  e-mail  or by regular mail to canceled within  five working days after receipt of an e-mail or mail the content. The data will be Destroyed  as requested.

July 1, 2009