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Our sandwiches can be served fresh and quickly for guests of both corporate and private events. In order to fulfill a larger order without any problems, please send us your order no later than the afternoon of the day before the requested delivery date! Of course, we also try to handle any sudden needs to the best of our ability. The easiest way to place your orders online is here

On the page below, we have tried to summarize our main experiences, which can be useful for you if you want to order larger quantities from us. If you want to provide partial or full catering for the guests of your corporate event, birthday party, wedding or any other event with party sandwiches, please read our advice!

Party sandwich boxes

In order to simplify the order, we have compiled the so-called our sandwich boxes, which each contain 20 pieces (the spicy 10 pieces) of sandwiches. This way, you don’t have to bother for a long time with selecting each sandwich individually, but rather think in boxes. The boxes have been compiled on the basis of taste, so you can choose from classic, seafood, Hungarian and cheese, among other things. Of course, in addition to the boxes, you can also choose additional sandwiches or from our other products.


Our sandwiches are easy to serve, as they can be served immediately out of the boxes. In the case of standing receptions, their consumption is convenient and simple, so it is especially recommended for such events. We also recommend our snack sandwiches, which can be served with the welcome drink even as a “first course”, even before the sandwiches are served.

Shelf life

The sandwiches can be consumed without refrigeration for about three hours after delivery, and when stored in the refrigerator they retain their quality for 24 hours. It is therefore advisable to schedule the requested delivery time for the hour before the start of the event (or the service).

Recommended quantity

Of course, the appetite of the guests depends a lot on the nature of the event and at which stage the sandwiches are served, but in general we can say that you can expect about 4-5 (2-3 for children) sandwiches per person. So for an event of one hundred people, it is worth ordering about 500 sandwiches. For a larger number of guests, it is worth choosing from the more special sandwiches (spicy, sea sandwiches), but the classic taste is still worth preferring.

If you have any other questions, ask for our advice and help with the order or the possible needs of the guests of the event (how many, what kind of sandwiches to order), call us with confidence and we will try our best to help you as the best possible host be for your guests!

Payment methods

1. When ordering with a credit card on the website (immediate and secure transaction initiated from the bank’s website).

2. By bank transfer.

3. When ordering from abroad, you can also pay by credit card (Online payment) or PayPal. Send the amount to the email address (Makkábi Kft) after logging in to your paypal account.

For more information about Pay-Pal payment


In the current situation, only cashless payments are possible: Online credit card payment and bank transfer (advance transfer) or paypal.

Banking Data

Makkábi Kft.

  • Bank account number: 11705008-20440673
  • OTP Swift Code: OTPVHUHB / BIC
  • IBAN: HU 70 11705008 20440673 00000000