Lactose-free Cakes makes a large variety of Lactose-free cakes for orders. The cakes are light and tasty and made of natural ingredients.

Lactose-free cake selection: Chocolate cake, Light Chocolate cake, Chocolate & sour cherry cake, Coffee cream cake, Marzipan & Chocolate cake, Coffee cream & peach marmalade, Walnut cake, Rachel Raj’s Flodni.

Decoration of the cakes may differ from the ones on the picture shown!

Small (10 Slices) 5500Ft €18 (15cm  Ø), Medium 16 Slices 8800Ft €29 (20cm Ø), Large 20 Slices 11000Ft €36.50 (25cm Ø), Extra large 24 Slices 13200Ft €44 (28cm Ø), XXL 32 Slices 17600Ft €58.50 (32cm Ø).