Edible Photo Cake

Torta.hu cakes are made of natural ingredients with light creams and real marzipan.

Decorate your cake with an edible photo.

Check out our Edible photo cake Gallery to have some ideas of the choices.

Placing an order
1. Choose your cake
2. Upload your photo
3. Choose the shape, size, filling, icing, and extra decoration for your cake - the way you like it!
3. After giving your order you are ready to send it!

We will deliver your cake the next day the earliest or you can collect it personally in our cafes.


Small (10 Slices) 4900Ft €16.00 (15cm  Ø),
Medium 16 Slices 7840Ft €25.50 (20cm Ø),
Large 20 Slices 9800Ft €32.00 (25cm Ø),
Extra large 24 Slices 11760Ft €38.00 (28cm Ø),
XXL 32 Slices 15680Ft €50.50 (32cm Ø).

In case you need a bigger cake please contact us. We make extra large cakes for special occasions, functions and parties.

Photo sizes and costs: 1300Ft €4,3 (A5), 1800Ft €6 (A4).

In case you order only an edible photo without a cake, the price of the photos is double. Please send your order of a photo by e-mail torta@torta.hu open gallery