Low sugar – sugar free cakes

Torta.hu makes a large variety of cakes low on sugar or sugar free, with low carbohydrate, with fructose or eritrit.

Since EU law (July 20 2016) has changed, formerly used names as Diabetic cake, Diabetic cake order can not be appropriate anymore. So instead we allowed to use cakes low on sugar, sugar free cakes, cakes with low carbohydrate and cakes with fructose, cakes with eritrit. If you are dibetic please always be sure how much carbohydrate and sugar you can consume a day!


Small (10 Slices) 4900Ft €16.00 (15cm  Ø), Medium 16 Slices 7840Ft €25.50 (20cm Ø), Large 20 Slices 9800Ft €32.00 (25cm Ø), Extra large 24 Slices 11760Ft €38.00 (28cm Ø), XXL 32 Slices 15680Ft €50.50 (32cm Ø).

Decoration of the cakes may differ from the ones on the picture shown!

In case you need a bigger size cake please contact us. We make extra large cakes for functions and parties as well.