Hungarian Cookies, Savory Biscuits


Raj Rachel Flódnija, apple-walnut Matzes cake

Home-made cakes:

Apple Pie, French walnut, Blaha Louise, Dolce Vita extra fruitcake, Sponge Roll


Cheese bow, small cheese cake, potato scones, feta cheese burekas, and sesame stangli


Chocolate chip walnut, palm leaves, small Isler, apricot linzer snow croissant,orange almond, Haman bag, Zserbó.


Cheese bow , seaseme seeds cookie, pogácsa: 3000 Ft/kg

Feta cheese burekas: 4000 Ft/kg

Palm leave cookies: 4000 Ft/kg

Almond and orange cookies 4600 Ft/kg

Chaman tasche: 4600 Ft/kg

Chocolate chips and walnut cookies: 4000 Ft/kg

Sugar-free version is also available cookies: chocolate chip walnut, small Isler. Taste it in our Cafes too!  

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